About CQC

In the year 2014, Sister Manaal Khan, Sister Juwairia Khan and Brother Shadab Siddiqui launched CQC as a non-profit initiative under Al-Falah Charitable Trust (Registration No. E-5410) with the intention of imparting knowledge of Qur’aan sciences, most importantly the correct recitation of the Qur’aan. In the same year we launched our first online Beginner’s batch in partnership with WizIQ.

The study notes and teaching aids that have been used by our teachers at CQC for conducting the online Tajweed teaching programs since past few years have been compiled in a book form. We have made the book available for free download.

Our sole intention is to make this exalted science be known and studied by the ummah and so that the benefits of this material will reach a wider audience among students and teachers bi-idhnillaah.

We ask Allaah to accept this small effort from us and make it a means of Sadqah Jaariyah.