Our Mentors

May Allaah reward all our teachers at KIU (Knowledge International University) with the best of both worlds. Special thanks to:

  • Our KIU teachers Ustaadhah Samar Al-Mawy and Ustaadhah Deemah, for reviewing the content of our book and for their constant guidance, support and encouragement.
  • Shaykh Ashfaq bin Anas As-Seylani (who graduated from Umm Ul Qura University Makkah, in the field of Arabic Language and studied Qiraa’aat under numerous shuyookh of Saudi Arabia). May Allaah reward him for reviewing and providing valuable suggestions regarding Part Four of our book on the topic of Qiraa’aat and Qur’aan preservation.
  • Our certificate course teachers to whom we recited the Qur’aan: Shaykh Muhammad Shawqy Al-Jammal & Ustaadhah Dina Al-Faarooq. They not only helped us to learn the most commonly committed mistakes but also helped in understanding the nuances of recitation.
  • Teachers from Marjan Programs (www.marjanprograms.com) for meticulously reviewing the content of this book and improving its content.
  • Our families for patiently bearing with us throughout this journey.