The Core Team

The core team of CQC, which comprises of Sr. Juwairia, Sr. Manaal, and Br. Shadab, are former students of Knowledge International University. Sr. Manaal and Br. Shadab completed their graduation in Islamic Studies (BAIS – Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies) from KIU. All three are Engineering graduates from India.

While at KIU, we learnt the science of Tajweed and the detailed rules for reciting the Qur’aan. In the year 2013, one of the teachers at KIU, Ustaadhah Samar Al-Maawy, conducted a 10-day workshop on Qaa’idah Nooraaniyah for ladies. Sr. Juwairia and Sr. Manaal excelled in the course and launched a children’s batch on Tajweed in the same year. Alhamdulillaah the response was overwhelming and in the next year CQC was launched – an online institute devoted to the study of Qur’aan sciences starting from Tajweed and moving on to Arabic studies inShaaAllaah.

Br Shatir Jetham recently joined the core team as a teacher. He has contributed immensely in conducting training sessions and taking one-on-one sessions to resolve student queries and difficulties. He has also been driving the technology front of with his excellent web presentation skills.

The team has completed various certification courses related to the science of Tajweed and Arabic: in Qaa’idah Nooraniyah from Markaz Al-Furqan Jeddah, in recitation in the Tareeqah of Shaatibiyyah, in recitation in the Riwaayah of Shu’bah ‘an ‘Aasim, in Arabic Grammar (Nahw) and Morphology (Sarf) from ShariahProgram – to name a few. The team is also actively pursuing Hifdh of the Qur’aan along with Tafseer studies. May Allaah give the team the tawfeeq to complete additional beneficial works on Arabic Grammar/Morphology and other sciences related to the Qur’aan – آمين